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Two-day Masterclass in Competitive Intelligence One-liners


"Great resource for professionals, managers, and business leaders looking for new methods, techniques, and perspectives on their own discipline and how to level up their organization’s capacity and inclination for strategic intelligence. You’ll walk away with tangible frameworks, tips, and examples to jumpstart the strategic intelligence revolution at your company"
Jen Leung, AppDynamics, San Francisco, USA
"Brilliant course that has opened my eyes to the world of strategic intelligence! The business cases combined with Joseph’s perspectives gave me great insights and inspiration into how more value can be created by competitive intelligence"
Grace Tan, Danone Nutricia, the Netherlands
"The combination of tools, case studies and group exercises was both thought provoking and valuable for my own intelligence work"
Louise Freer Jones, Worldline, United Kingdom
"I have learned a lot of new things especially on Grey Swans and Gray Rhinos. I also appreciated to get a lot of examples on analysis and powerful visual presentations of results"
Pascaline Vercruysse, Engie, Belgium
"Practical, pragmatic, straight to the point with real case studies discussed"
Oleksiy Matviychuk, Lhoist, Belgium
"Up-to-date and inspiring Master Class in which Joseph Rodenberg shows a lot of practical tools for your day-to-day intelligence work"
Rob Verstraelen, Signify – formerly Philips Lighting, Netherlands
"Joseph led us through comprehensive theories as well as inspiring case studies and group practices. The mindset built up and the practical tools taught in the Master Class will be very valuable for my daily work as CI Professional"
Yu Pei, ASML, Netherlands
"Up-to-date, challenging real business examples to introduce an useful pallet of intelligence tools and principles. The Master Class comes closest to this definition of intelligence: ‘The ability to understand the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide actions towards desired goals"
Rob Stevens, Yara International, Norway
"This was the most comprehensive overview of concepts and tools of Strategic Intelligence ever encountered in one spot. It is a valuable resource to further develop our approaches within the company"
Dr. Torsten Freund, BASF, Germany
"I very much enjoyed Joseph’s Master Class. Companies have lots of data and information, however are unable to make the smart analyses and deliver the actionable strategic choices. It’s a pre-condition for existence to have people who challenge the assumptions and have the courage to create the critical analyses and the actionable recommendations"
Harriët Hof, City of Emmen, Netherlands
"The energy, passion, knowledge and real life examples created an inspiring Master Class. In two days you learn all the aspects, tools, methodologies which enable your company to benefit from real Competitive Intelligence"
Andre van Noije, Chromalloy, Netherlands
"Meet Joseph Rodenberg, the Michael Moore of Strategic Competitive Intelligence in the Corporate World"
Rebecca Williams, International Flavors & Fragrances, Netherlands
"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this Master Class. Joseph’s attitude and personality were exemplary. He displayed senior competitive intelligence knowledge and was very eager to share his 30 years of experience supported by numerous real-life business cases"
Arjan van den Herik, AON Group, Netherlands
"Thanks for this extensive package on Competitive Intelligence. This Class covered a wide range of important aspects such as the CI-tools, the CI-processes, analyses, examples of good and bad practices and most important to me the implementation of CI-work in an organization"
Taina Kaakinen, StoraEnso, Sweden
"This Strategic Competitive Intelligence Master Class provides you with a detailed overview on a variety of competitive intelligence tools and gives you inspiration to fit those tools to the needs of your organization"
Andreas Dobler, Hilti Corp, Liechtenstein
"The Master Class was an enjoyable two days out-of-the-office thinking about the importance of intelligence for corporate strategy in today’s world. Joseph has an amazing knowledge and experience which he shares in an engaging way, using real life examples from his practices. I strongly recommend this Master Class to any strategy or intelligence professional"
Tomas Mihulka, Imperial Tobacco, France
"I very much enjoyed the Master Class with great emphasis on competing for the future and not for the present, about peripheral vision and where the most important decisions are taken. In addition Joseph explained how strategic intelligence really works in practice, how to ask the right questions, about the phenomenon of Grey Swans and Gray Rhinos and the need for the Tenth man or Woman"
Dr. Eileen Diakun, Solvay, UK
"This Master Class was very interesting and useful for me. Numerous different analysis methods and models, excellent tools such as the Black Swans, Grey Swans, Gray Rhinos, weak & early warnings combined with best practices. The real life examples were very interesting and perfect to benchmark many companies in a short period of time. I was happy to attend this Master Class and I can warmly recommend it"
"Thanks for the brilliant explanations and for teaching what Strategic Competitive Intelligence really is. This Master Class covers the most crucial aspects of Strategic Competitive Intelligence and gives practical tools, showing real business cases, which bring many benefits to my work"
Gabriele Fontana PhD, Indena, Italy
"This has been an exciting and valuable Master Class. I got really useful and applicable ideas of true Strategic Intelligence from the real-world examples disclosed. ‘Challenge the assumptions’ and study the possible scenarios will definitively be part of my daily work. "Excpect the best but be ready for the worst"
Roberto Garcia Rodriguez, Tradecorp, Spain
"This Master Class gives me strategies & tools which enable me and my company to manage customers and suppliers in a new and refreshing way. Joseph’s professionalism and passion gives our business a tremendous boost. Great course"
Roel Petter, Petter Trading, the Netherlands
"Thanks for such a wonderful learning experience. I found the approach "Don’t Trust – Be Paranoid – Do your Homework" very inspirational"
Maria Carmela De Vuono, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, Italy
"Thanks for the very interesting sessions on intelligence. I have learned a lot and have now better ideas on what I can do to put into practice a comprehensive Competitive Intelligence program. The business cases were enlightening and the slides brilliant. Sharing experiences and learnings with all the other attendees was invaluable"
Anjusha Chemmanur, Travelport, United Kingdom
"No doubt, this Master Class is incredible dense and to-the-point concerning competitive intelligence with a big punch of bold assessments at the opposite of mainstream opinions about what strategy really is. Deep inside and highly recommended"
Gaetan Duvieusart, ENGIE, Belgium
"This Strategic Competitive Intelligence Master Class provides you with not only the tools, frameworks and case studies of successful CI, but it also forces you to understand how the strategic competitive intelligence perspectives can give a meaningful impact in your company"
Victor Mussi, Teva Europe
"The Master Class provides frameworks and case examples how to take the intelligence work to the next level. I will be able to take concrete actions as a result"
Jenni Campbell, Metso Corporation, Finland
"Thanks a lot for creating this platform for fellow intelligence colleagues to meet and share their experience. “Don’t Trust, Be Paranoid, Be Critical” is something I am trying to apply day-in and day-out now"
Naveen Raja Natesan from India, Philips Lighting, the Netherlands
"If you ever have wondered how to give Competitive Intelligence substance and how to make it actionable in your organization and competitive arena, attend this Master Class packed with ready to use tools and real life examples on multiple organizational and strategic intelligence levels"
Berthil van Beek, Lanxess, The Netherlands
"I highly recommend this Master Class to anyone interested in CI for their organization. Joseph is very knowledgeable in this field, he has a tremendous amount of case studies to share and he gives practical tools to start integrating CI in your organization"
Jeanet van de Putte, Teva Europe
"Thanks for sharing your decades of relevant Competitive Intelligence expertise and experience with us in these two days packed with great insights and practical guidance. I am fully inspired to apply this and make the difference to the future of my company"
Alex Loopik, Royal Dutch Shell
"This Master Class is very inspiring, eye-opening to me and Joseph brings it in a very convincing way. The Master Class itself but also the many practical cases make it a pleasure to attend these two days"
Ronald Lamens, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, The Netherlands
"It was my privilege to meet Joseph and to attend his international Master Class. He is one of the most intellectual and experienced competitive intelligence professionals I have ever met. I highly recommend this Master Class to all Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Professionals"
Bhanu Vikrant, Good Games Studios, Germany
"This Master Class showed me why we should have been in Competitive Intelligence yesterday. Joseph’s rich international experience and practical tools showed me how to really do CI. Attend, learn and act"
Germ Jan de Jong, Accell-Group, The Netherlands
"This Master Class provides a very well-rounded exposure to the diverse considerations crucial for successful CI-practices. I especially appreciate the step-wise approach presented and the concrete examples used to illustrate the concepts and insights"
Siew-Loon Ooi, DSM, The Netherlands
"In this highly inspiring Master Class many things in business come together, which I like to introduce and to develop in our company. The basic principles, the tools and the methods demonstrated in this Master Class will make it to a success"
Erik Kodde, Savox Communications, The Netherlands
"Joseph is not only able to share his extensive knowledge of CI in a very convincing way, he also gives solid and innovative advice on making the next step to bring your organization to the next level of CI"
Dr. Tjeerd ten Brink, Dutch National Police
"Highly recommended to every professional with an interest in the intelligence functions, aiming to support marketing management, business development and strategy formation. This Master Class provides valuable insights, tools and methodologies to better identify, analyze and forecast the operational environment of every business"
Dimitris Tsamouras of IMEC, Belgium
"Absolutely worth following. Joseph makes it to the point, easy to understand and easy to apply to any other challenge in the competitive intelligence domain. Strongly recommended to anyone who has ambition to steer the business fast into the right direction"
Dr. Biba Visnjicki of Coddel, The Netherlands
"The Master Class provides you with oversights and insights in the Strategic Competitive Intelligence arena with immense added value of personal experiences and backgrounds of the moderator"
Cor Sibum of Roche, The Netherlands
"The Master Class provided by Joseph Rodenberg is a good combination of theory, tools and examples. It provides a wide view on CI and is a good starting point for building intelligence capabilities"
Geuch Zijlma of SABIC, The Netherlands
"Inspiring two days which gave new perspectives and great to be confronted with such a wealth of practices & tools in the Competitive Intelligence Arena"
Eelco Debeij of NXP Semiconductors, The Netherlands
"With great pleasure I took part in the Master Class. Joseph is not only a great presenter, he has actual and real life examples and various eye openers about the importance, set-up and impact of CI! This Master Class is a "must follow" for insights and market research managers who really want to play an important role in the course of their company and brands"
Pieter Paul Verheggen, CEO of Motivaction, The Netherlands
"Thank you very much for such a wonderful Master Class with very productive presentations and discussions. Very useful to me to understand the currently front-running concept and practices in CI"
Hiroshi Toshima of Albemarle Catalysts Company, The Netherlands
"The Master Class gives vision on CI with a perfect combination of theory and practical examples. The challenge is to bring this in practice within our own company"
Marleen Pelgröm of Photonis, The Netherlands
"This Master Class provides a very good mix between theory, strategy tools, best practices cases and group work. You get an excellent overview of everything on CI. Joseph has a long experience in CI and provides solutions combined with numerous case examples"
Ulrike Schmitz of Bayer, Germany
"I found the Master Class a good choice and very inspirational! The insights from the Master Class will help us to lift CI in our company to a new level, towards a more strategic function"
Sanna McMullen of Orion Pharma, Finland
"The Master Class is a great combination of useful tools, industry case studies and provides a solid base on which to develop an in-house capability"
Pete Longdon of Tata Steel, United Kingdom
"The Master Class provides excellent insights in the world of real intelligence. The learning directly links to work experiences and needs of those active in the field of CI"
Coen van Dijk of AkzoNobel, The Netherlands
"These two days with Rodenberg Tillman " Associates has provided me efficiently a 360 degree view on competitive intelligence. The theory, processes, techniques, tools and real-life cases are very useful to start as well as to further develop CI in an organization"
Martijn Borgstijn of Exact Software, The Netherlands
"This is certainly an inspiring course which is reinforced with enthusiastic, creative ideas and it’s providing a great approach to start with CI right away"
Mert Unsal of PPG Industries, The Netherlands
"Joseph is a passionate speaker who combines theory with many business cases. This leads to many tools to start with intelligence today"
Annemieke Bouwmeester of Mushroom Promotion Europe
"Great introduction to lots of practical ideas and tools on CI that can be used in your own organization as well"
Rory Pedd of Cargotec, Finland
"The Strategic Intelligence Master Class provided us with a panoply of tools and captivating cases, looking for the competitive edge and keeping it"
Anita Rombauts of Belgian National Railways, Belgium
"The training provides a detailed view on the most important tools and methods to be used when establishing and/or running a CI-Platform, adding value to the company. Furthermore it gives valuable hints on how to avoid ‘slow stoppers’ from inside the company"
Michael Beschorner of Bayer Crop Science, Germany
"Fully trained to become a CI-agent, armed with the appropriate techniques to scan the periphery"
Lieve van Eeckhout of Belgian National Railways, Belgium
"With his down-to-earth approach Joseph gives you clear and practical insights into the area of Competitive Intelligence. These insights help every organization to be successfully continuously now and in the future"
Tim van der Horst of The Future Group, The Netherlands
"Thank you for the worthwhile two days with you and the other attendees at this Master Class. For me, The Master Class has been an inspiring and useful CI course with multiple practical examples. Great value to my current job"
Anu Lehtola of Metso Automation, Finland
"Just a warning: Don’t let your creative mind get distracted by the 1001 ideas that will pop in your head for your own company. Wait two days, it’s worth it!"
Birgit Kiesewetter of Menzis Health Insurance Group, The Netherlands
"The Master Class has been particularly inspiring by all its models, techniques and the very broad spectrum from different perspectives: financial, organizational, strategic. It was a double loop learning process. Joseph is most versatile and a very enthusiastic expert in Competitive Intelligence"
Evelien van der Vinne, Menzis Health Insurance Group, The Netherlands
"The analysis tools and the real-life examples that are the core of the Master Class helped me to optimize our Market Intelligence portfolio and process. It gives me just that extra bit of knowledge that turns good into better"
Tamar Hoek of CBI/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands
"The Master Class proved me with all the needed information and step-by-step approach towards World Class Competitive Intelligence. Joseph’s experience and teaching style make this master class a great success"
Claudia Genin of Metso, Finland
"Joseph delivered the Master Class with tremendous expertise and enthusiasm. The sessions were full of practical insights and advice, which will be immediately useful in the business environment"
MI Team Member of Dow Jones, United Kingdom
"To be or not to be, doing great CI? That’s the Master Class CI about! Thanks! I liked your teaching and teachings very much"
Ton van der Graaff of ASML, The Netherlands
"Inspiring CI course which provides you with the knowledge and tools to be used already tomorrow"
Yuliya Popova of Astra Zeneca, The Netherlands
"The Master Class CI has given me interesting cases and effective analytical tools, that for sure, will help to develop myself from “information provider to problem solver"
Astrid van der Zande of Atos, The Netherlands
"Creating a vision is step one, implementation is another challenge. The Master Class gives you perfect insights to get grounded and move forward with enthusiastic people"
Liliane de Nie of Marel Stork Poultry Processing, The Netherlands
"Rodenberg gives you in his Master Class all the important building blocs and insights to create best practices in CI. Competitive Intelligence delivers you the essentials for creating Strategic Marketing and beyond"
Peter Oosterling of PIM – Dutch National Platform of Innovation in Marketing
"I like to thank Joseph for sharing his tremendous knowledge with us. I experienced this Master Class as very valuable and I have become a strong advocate for CI in my company"
Milco Aarts of Xpring / former journalist of the Dutch Newspaper De Telegraaf
"Market Intelligence is having the courage to have a collective ambition, the critical eye and mind to transform this in a future truth. The Master Class CI gave us the insights and tools to achieve this"
The joint MI-Team of Delhaize, Belgium
"It’s the best training I have ever attended on "intelligence compilation". It has been full of methods to be discovered and practiced. The best value for money"
Sahabudin Basiron of Time Corporation, Kuala Lumpur
"The Master Class CI brings together professionals with various levels of work experience and a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Thus, the participants are mutally benefitting in sharing information which is amplified by Joseph Rodenberg’s rich professional experience, his way to motivate and arise interest in CI. This Master Class was very valuable, also for me as a young professional. I have learned and enjoyed it a lot"
Laura Kreiling, Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland, Germany
"To think the unthinkable is a great challenge, but attending the Master Class CI with Joseph makes this not Impossible"
Dato Arshad Hamzad of Malaysian Maritime Academy, Kuala Lumpur
"By attending this Master Class I got the perfect insights how the methodologies and techniques are used in the business world. The Dutch Police can learn a lot from the intelligence developed in the profit sector"
Hans Hogeboom, Regional Director Dutch Police Forces
"An eye-opener with comprehensive information given in a two days course. Excellent methods to cultivate and implement, even for big or small organizations. Definitely inspires people who have used intelligence as these tools bring a different perspective and horizon"
Fariza Abdul Malek of MISC Asia Trade Liner Business, Kuala Lumpur
"It is an inspiring overview of useful tools to develop competitive intelligence in my company. I understood the importance to implement them"
Anne-Sophie Cottez of GDFSuez, France
"The Master Class Competitive Intelligence gives great insights to open your eyes and mind and look outside and let the world in"
Hans De Beer, Dutch National Chamber of Commerce
"An intensive learning programme, providing the participants with comprehensive learning approaches of the theory and practices of Competitive Intelligence"
Faridah Seerom of Central Bank Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
"Great mindset. Start intelligence NOW!"
Ivo de Jong, Dutch national Chamber of Commerce
"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. Sun Tzu. The Master Class has opened up to me on how important and critical competitive intelligence is in ensuring the success of my company for the future"
Jeffri Mohd Said of Time Corporation, Kuala Lumpur
"The Master Class Competitive Intelligence offers an immersive experience to actionable CI practices and research tools, methods and frameworks to make the most out of daily CI activities. Especially the case studies provide valuable insights in peer best practices and prove to be a successful teaser to step up your own game. Very much appreciated"
Xavier Janssens of ASML, The Netherlands
"The Master Class CI consists of a lot of good things to develop and build on. Follow the progress and be aware of the happenings. It creates sustainability"
Sharila Nik Mohd Salleh of MISC New Zealand Trade Liner Business, Kuala Lumpur
"The Master Class provides you with many good ideas and useful tools to improve your company’s competitive intelligence. Joseph Rodenberg makes with his enthusiasm an interesting area such as competitive intelligence even more interesting"
Eva Halla of Metso, Finland
"In the two day Master Class, I have realized the importance of collecting, disseminating and taking action on insightful intelligence. Many companies failed, not because they are managed by bad managers, they failed because the good managers failed to look beyond the company’s successes from the past. The Master Class has definitely opened up my mind and provides me with tools which I can apply immediately"
Seng Way Seng of Genting Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
"The Master Class provided an excellent set of methods and insights on how to move competitive intelligence more analysis-based, with numerous case examples. Joseph’s expertise and experience was great and his enthusiasm for the topic was highly evident"
Klaus Kianen of Metso, Finland
"You will not mind going through this bubble bursting exercise, because the knowledge gained will leave you feeling positively excited towards constructing the right strategy for company growth through Competitive Intelligence"
Shariza Hashim of CCM Pharmaceuticals, Kuala Lumpur
"Joseph, thanks for your enthusiasm in this inspiring, extensive and intense two day master class, the place where theory and practice meet. I’ll do my best to implement step-by-step some of this knowledge in my every day business"
Jacqueline Shields of Merck Serono, Monaco
"The Master Class Competitive Intelligence is an excellent platform to have a better understanding of analytical tools and methods availlable that might be of strategic impact to your business"
Redza Arbee of MSC, Malaysia National ICT Initiative, Kuala Lumpur
"I found the Master Class very informative and I highly recommend this to anyone working in the intelligence domain"
Dr. Irfan Bashir of Denso Sales, United Kingdom
"An enthusiastic tutor who brings an excellent overview of the whole span of competitive intelligence. This Master Class gave me great insights and tools that enable me to take competitive intelligence to a higher level at UPC"
Dieuwke Sytema of UPC Business, The Netherlands
"This Master Class gives you the brutal truth about competitive intelligence. All you need to know to start or to improve competitive intelligence in your company, presented in an information dense and enthusiastic way"
Dr. Sigrid Ruuls of Genmab Biologics, Netherlands – Denmark
"This Master Class gave me excellent new CI methods that I can use in my daily work. It taught me how I should define CI, so that Nokia truly benefits from it. I also learned that CI is essentially about people and why visualization of CI is so important. With practical examples and enthusiasm Joseph ensures that your focus stays sharp throughout this Master Class. I highly recommend this course"
Teemu Turkki, Senior Specialist Planning & Roadmapping at Nokia, Finland
"In this Master Class, Joseph offers very fast many valuable insights how to improve the foresights on the dynamics of change in the organization’s external business environment"
Willem Schrieks of Royal BAM Group, The Netherlands
"If the banking sector would have followed Rodenberg’s way of thinking, the brutal truth would have been communicated earlier and the disaster around the international banking crises could have been prevented"
Aldo van Duivenboden, former Director Sales and Business Development of EXIN, The Netherlands
"The master class was an eye-opener to me, I saw all the pieces of the puzzle falling together creating the total landscape where competitive intelligence makes the difference for companies to become successful becoming a major player in their battlefields. The tools and cases illustrated during this master class are brilliant and easy to use"
Ahmet Turhan of Eaton Electric
"An excellent overview of strategic competitive intelligence by an enthusiastic tutor with years of experience in the field"
Wouter Weddepohl of NL Energie Maatschappij
"Mr. Rodenberg explained in a very practical way Why and How competitive intelligence should be on every CEO's strategic agenda"
Kamiel Steevens of DSM
"The discussions were intellectually stimulating and excellent. I look forward to being able too implement all that I learned during this master class"
Dr. Abha Shroff of Shroff Eye Clinics, India
"The advanced CI Framework of RT&A is a must attend master class for decision makers in organizations that aim to win the market competition consistently and confidently"
Trupti Shah of Reliance Industries, India
"This master class has really provided me insights and vision to successfully running the business. It has helped me in added value, in thinking and in approach altogether"
Ketan Sahani of Nilkamal Plastics, India
"The master class CI is excellent and helps you to view competition from a different angle. It helps you to choose for analyzing competition meeting your company needs"
Sujata D’Souza of Solvay Pharma, India
"A two day master class on advanced CI analysis was excellent. It was quite informative about CI practices and methods across the globe. I was impressed when I saw the case studies as to how a company can benefit or loose by having or not having CI systems"
Paul Sudhakar of The Times Group, India
"Thank you for the insightful training on CI. I found the techniques and methodologies shared in the master class highly applicable to my work as a knowledge consulting professional. At the same time, it was equally interesting to meet people from completely diverse industry backgrounds"
Gagan Kaul of Netscribes, India
"Especially applicable during this volatile business environment, there is a great need of competitive and strategic intelligence. This international master class covers all aspects needed to assist you and your company to find the best opportunities during these interesting times"
Indicium Group
"Either through real case studies or a series of powerful analysis tools, this master class proves you the undeniable role of competitive intelligence for your company and in all decision-making processes"
Nathalie Cranshoff of GDFSuez
"An amazingly incredible learning experience which gave me the complete overview of successful competitive intelligence"
Niels Snoek of Fontys University
"Thank you for your dedication to run this master class and to bring to us up to speed with regard to competitive intelligence. I really enjoyed the master class and I am sure I will use the various of the analysis tools you showed us, step-by-step"
Cornelia Kuse of Bayer Cropscience
“Thank you for this Master Class. I am already using all the materials you taught us: definitions, benchmark, grids of analysis, methods and last but not least your enthusiasm which is very motivating for me to lead the changes in day to day business life”.
Catherine Guaino of GDF Suez France
“To the point, actionable and inspiring…. The Master Class was spot-on. By combining theory and real-life examples, this master class provided me a roadmap for taking CI to the next level”.
Marleen Godthelp of Philips Netherlands
“A unique and remarkable Master Class; clear, comprehensive insights and concepts with the urge on rethinking the current way of doing things in the domain of CI”.
Johan Struyve of GDF Suez Belgium
“The Master Class not only provides you with insights in gathering information and processing it, but it teaches you to develop from knowledge provider to someone who provides your company or your customers with the next step: Intelligence. It gives you the tools needed for analyzing the company and its surroundings and teaches you how to implement intelligence as a core competence”.
Jelle Rowold of Ziggo
“Logic brings you from A to B and imagination brings you everywhere. Albert Einstein on creative intelligence”.
Michael Doves of DIKW Consulting
“If you want to make sure you know all about implementing competitive intelligence in your organization, then this Master Class CI is a must for you”.
Johan van Oosten of TNT Post Parcelservice
“The Master Class CI was tremendous food for thought. Densely packed with examples, case studies and many useful & usable tools. Joseph Rodenberg is deeply passionate about the importance of competitive intelligence in business. Joseph’s passion and enthusiasm make this Master Class both inspirational and enjoyably. Highly recommended”.
Peter Richardson of Nokia
“To my view the Master Class will help both those who aim to establish CI in the company and those who already practice it. The cases used give thorough understanding of the business and the tools and patterns I surely will implement in my work. I like to recommend each one from whatever industry sector, to attend this Master Class”.
Elena Bobkina of Nycomed Russia
“Do it to them, before they do it to you. From a company perspective to self reflection”. “This Master Class is a wonderful journey”.
Arthur van Essen of Marsh
“My brains haven’t worked as hard as since my last university exam to relate the benefits of CI to my own company situation”.
Aernout van Citters of Tata Steel
“We are going to throw the windows of our company wide open! Joseph showed us in an extensive and inspiring two day master class how to become and stay fully aware of what’s happening outside with the aim to prepare ourselves for the future”.
Johan Bos of the Atag Pelgrim Etna Group
“An extensive overview of potential tools for competitive intelligence and the urgency to use them”.
Jurriaan Hehenkamp of Albemarle Catalysts
“I had two very inspiring days. In addition to an extensive competitive intelligence toolbox, I went back to the office with an applicable action list. Exactly what I needed”.
Roy Eysbach of Wolters-Noordhoff/Infinitas Learning
“The Master Class CI was a big success for me, because after 5 minutes there already was a start of sharing of information, knowledge and enthusiasm. Not only from Joseph to the attendees, but among the whole group. The CI tools provided during this Master Class are a great selection to choose from and already have proven their value the first day after the Master Class”.
Edwin Luijks of Agilent Technologies
“This Master Class offers a down-to-earth, ready to use approach to start with CI in your company right away. The need of having competitive intelligence in place in your company is evident”.
Larissa van Streun of Heineken International
“This Master Class will transform you from information provider to problem solver, to apply competitive intelligence as the key driver for innovation and shaping the future. There is excellent facilitation in place to promote social networking and collaborative filtering among the participants during and after the event”.
Abi Mirkhani of Nokia
“Joseph’s step-by-step approach combined with a lot of tools, tips and practical examples we got to the bottom of Competitive Intelligence and its added value for our company”.
Zoubaa of Electrabel Suez
“The Master Class Competitive Intelligence has been an energetic, concise and dense class packed full with inspiring insights and applicable lessons on how to gather information and create action driven intelligence that opens up competitive chances in our increasingly commoditised world”.
Robin van Raaij of RWE Energy
“The overview of different analytical tools, the given examples and the participants from the different industries makes this Master Class worthy”.
Stanlislas Fransman of ING Bank
“The Master Class Competitive Intelligence enabled me to further expand CI within our company, as theory and practice were closely related”.
Eric Knibbe of Telefoongids
“A broad ranging and interesting master class that gives attendees a solid grounding in the theory and practical tools used in corporate intelligence. Well worth attending”.
Jennifer Cummins of Nycomed International
“Rodenberg has managed to show a complete overview of CI and how it can give your company the needed competitive edge for the future. The many case examples bring it very much alive including interesting do’s and don’ts”.
Ron Beek of Vodafone
“The Master Class is an eye opening experience to see CI move beyond and where information management and marketing lacks and ends. I feel like having the baggage now to make CI work within our organization”.
Ramon Mommersteeg of DMV International
“For any company that finally realizes that CI is the way forward, this Master Class should not be missed”.
Alain Wille of FEI Company
“An excellent Master Class lead by an excellent Master in CI. The Master Class provides me not only more in-depth knowledge about competitive intelligence but it provides also many tools which can be implemented short term to improve CI within your organization. I experienced the Master Class as very useful and very inspiring!”
Rene Loozen of Royal Vopak
“This Master Class gave me numerous tools which enables me to transform CI theory into practice immediately”.
Floris Parlevliet of Albemarle Catalysts Company
“To me it has been an eye-opener that business intelligence and data warehousing are not the only tools to steer an organization. I was not aware that CI can be of such a great advantage. It is incomprehensible that most organizations in The Netherlands are hardly active in CI”.
Bernard Beeftink of Atos Origin
“The Master Class gives you clear and practical insides about the value of competitive intelligence in divers sorts of business sectors. Competitive intelligence can give your company a competitive edge in which the human factor is the most important to take into account”.
Mathijs Vugts of Heijmans Construction
“The combination of academic expertise and very practical cases broadens the mind and inspires to strategic and operational thinking. A very captivating two days Master Class for any sector, also thanks to the many years of experiences and enthusiasm of Joseph Rodenberg”.
Sabine Claus of Dexia Bank Belgium
“The Master Class has opened our eyes more than ever to speed up the implementation of CI in our company. The embedding of CI in the organization is the key topic of the whole executive management team”.
Andre Myny of Vitronics Soltec USA
“A complete and comprehensive approach to innovation and company survival”.
Rens Vandeberg of University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
“I see Competitive Intelligence training as an essential building block in management training, not only for CI specialists. Joseph Rodenberg’s very well prepared and inspiring master class covers all important aspects of CI without spending too much time on details. I specially benefited a lot from the many practical examples from his own work as a CI consultant for major companies. Enough time was available for lively discussions and experience sharing. A major intention of the master class is to propose how to implement CI into an organisational framework. This turned out to be of great value for me since I can immediately make use of the learnings”.
Dr. Jürgen Paal of Altana Pharma
“The combination that Joseph Rodenberg offers of in-depth and hands-on experience, thorough knowledge of CI, strategy and management, as well as the real-life case studies provides for a high learning curve and optimal results”
Dr. Eduardo Flores Bermudez of Bayer HealthCare Germany
“The Master Class didn’t give me just the tools to set-up Competitive Intelligence within the Corus Group, however much more important was the great inspiration”.
Johan den Hartog of Corus Group
“An extensive insight to the methodologies and processes of working with Competitive Intelligence at different organisations. Very valuable for me in my work as intelligence professional”
Charlotte Hakansson of Nycomed Pharma Group
“This two-day Master Class gave me an overview of the function and relevance of Competitive Intelligence within a corporation, gave insights in best and worst practices and gives the key factors to understand CI”
Harry Steenwijk of the Heijmans Construction Group
“Competitive Intelligence by Joseph Rodenberg was for us a useful experience in order to check were we stand as a company. Competitive and Intelligent came together in a professional setting, with players from different backgrounds, expectations and goals. Be extremely critical towards yourself and your own organization and adapting this as a way of thinking, or in other words, using this as management discipline. CI within Nedap is already part of our culture and the Master Class CI confirmed that we are on the right track”.
Ton Scharenborg and Eric Venema of Nedap Power Supplies
“A step-by-step introduction into the world of Competitive Intelligence with lots of inspirational presentation techniques”
Marije Gast of Essent Energy
“The Master Class CI gives me structure and tools to leverage competitive intelligence in our organisation at a higher level”
Arjan Schalken of TNO
“Sharing knowledge creates intelligence. This is such a reality for both people and organisations. The Master Class CI was not only very fruitful in providing tools to make it happen, but also challenges the participants to discover new possibilities to apply it in their own organisation”
Steven Rosman of TouchStone
“The Master Class CI has given me tremendous insights on the various tools and information that is applicable within the organisation. It's simply a completely different and more realistic approach of gathering the right information, which will lead to a more accurate overview of both the internal and external environment”
Alecia Rowe of Hogeschool Utrecht
“For me the Master Class was the awareness of C plus I into CI and the possibilities within my organisation”
Jack Kobes of Rabobank Netherlands
"The Masterclass Competitive Intelligence is the place where theory and practice meet"
Menno Rijk of Merck Sharp & Dohme
"The Masterclass in Competitive Intelligence substantially helped me in learning how to see the forest for the trees"
Niek Streefkerk from Nutreco
"The Masterclass Competitive Intelligence is a progressive and inspirational course, which shows how intelligence can make the difference between failure and success"
Eric Keultjes from TPGPost
“Rodenberg's enthousiasm and inspiration during this Master Class is great and I gained a lot of new energy back from him to solve our problems at the CI implementation process”
Patrick Fokker of Fortis ASR
“The interactive Master Class in a professional setting with senior CI managers updates you on the latest CI matters in just two days and provides inspiring food for thought”
Tjerk Lerou of Sanoma Magazines
"The Masterclass gave a good overview of the new discipline of Competitive Intelligence as well as the inspiration to really kick off with more advanced and structured CI in my daily business through it's interactive setting and the myriad of examples and cases"
Sander Molenaar from Essent
"Highly effective seminar that provided next to a solid understanding of the CI discipline, a lot of concrete applicable actions and inspiration to further improve the CI function within my company"
Michel ten Donkelaar of Danone
"Two days of hard and excellent work in an ideal setting concerning the number of participants and branche mix. Sorry it was over"
Wim van Liere of Delta Energy
"The master Class was an very inspiring event because it combined valuable information about Competitive Intelligence and interesting cases of companies dealing with CI. One of my learning points is that CI is not about IT, but about people and this sharing knowledge is key for a successful way of organizing CI within your company"
Pedro Vissers of Rabobank
"This Master Class gives guidance to create more certainty in an uncertain environment"
Dennis de Graaf of Forbo Flooring
"This Master Class indicated to me that CI is a new management discipline to condens and speed up both internal & external information to actionable activities within the strategy process of a company"
Mario van Wingerde of AkzoNobel Resins
"A very useful training session that will be enriched through the follow-up sessions by the participants"
Maarten van der Dussen of Kema
"The CI Master Class gives a host of good reasons to start reviving the old CI discipline in this after-the-ICT-hype-era"
Harold van Garderen of Oce Technology
"CI provides answers about the why and how a company strategically should move ahead of the traditional researching approach that only maps a company's environment"
Philip Altena of Kema
"The Master Class CI delivers state-of-the-art knowledge and tools covering CI, its processes, the required spectrum of analysis, the consideration of industry and company cultures, networking for synergy, and also dissects case studies within various industries to provide an overall view of practical CI"
Dr. Eduardo Flores Bermudez of Bayer HealthCare Germany
"If you take marketing strategy, and therefore your long term position seriously, you can't afford to be complacent about Competitive Intelligence. This Master Class provides a cutting edge insight into what the strategic position of CI should be in your company"
Carlos Zwikker of IPM International
"Valuable course for marketing and decision support in a fast changing environment"
Roeland Kremers of Heijmans Construction Company
"I appreciated the link from theory to real examples to develop CI in the real world"
Dr. Manfred Roettele Former Head of BI of Aventis France
"A very intensive and useful Competitive Intelligence course. It was very helpful for me to understand the importance of CI to our business and the areas of contribution I can make"
James Barron of Shell Hydrogen
"The Master Class CI provides a good foundation for those who are willing to create this function back at their companies"
Vadim Lishinsky of BASF Germany







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