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March 7 - 8 2019 Two days International Master Class Strategic Competitive Intelligence, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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How attendees valued the International Two Day Master Class

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In his new book Joseph Rodenberg describes why strategic intelligence cannot be ignored and how to position this at the top of the Intelligence Continuum. Joseph gives his vision with the new phenomenon of the Tenth Man or Woman and the Company Radar Room and his broad expertise and experiences in strategic intelligence from over 95 perspectives. This is his sixth book in a row on strategic intelligence. Publication date August 2018.

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Our aim in Strategic Competitive Intelligence is to timely identify the dynamics of change in your external business environment. WHY? To avoid the error of confirmation, the narrative misunderstanding of clear patterns and the distortion of silence evidence.

Doing nothing is easy, however we bring back into organizations the courage to challenge conventional wisdom and the imagination of new possibilities.

Our metaphors in our strategic intelligence best practices are the Black Swans on the unforeseen events, the Grey Swans on unexpected events going to happen and the Gray Rhinos on threats at the horzizon which we incline to neglect.


Photo of the MI7 Company Radar Room




Rodenberg Tillman & Associates is a Benelux based consultancy firm, founded in 1985 and active throughout Europe. The firm supports its clients during all phases of their projects towards successful implementation. Rodenberg Tillman & Associates works for an international clientele and co-operates with partner companies in a network organisation around the world.


Our Mission

We have a simple mission: facilitating the success of our clients. Our business and consulting philosophies are unique. We have the resources and capabilities of a large international firm, yet we deliver the kind of fast response, exceptional results and personal involvement and attention that only a smaller firm can provide. We invite you to experience the difference.


Our Core activities

  1. Competitive intelligence research studies in Europe and beyond in the USA and Asia/Pacific based on our global connected network of 450 experts, researchers and business analysts worldwide;
  2. Facilitating and navigating organizations through the intelligence implementation processes based on our proven "Tillman Six-Phases-Model of Making Intelligence Work";
  3. Training, workshops and International Master Classes, both in- & out company, with the aim to establish real "human intelligence" within organizations.


“Big Boys, Big Ego’s and Strategic Intelligence”

Joseph Rodenberg and co-author Dr. Antoinette Rijsenbilt describe how narcissism at the top of organizations can be prevailed. This new book is full of new insights with lots of cases and will challenge many people to look differently at top management in organizations, in politics, in non-profit organizations and beyond. Publication date Fall 2015.

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   Summary Big Boys Big Ego’s, 2015
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